Breanna Ludeman is an accomplished woman equally in her personal and professional life. A married woman and mother of 2 handsome young boys, she works both as a nurse and personal trainer. Mrs. Ludeman is also extremely active within her community.
Recently Mrs. Ludeman decided to give Ideal Protein a spin. It’s with immense satisfaction that she managed to lose 16 pounds effortlessly!
Ideal Protein is a very effective way for modern women to stay healthy as well as take care of their bodies.
Thank you Ideal Protein!Weight 2 go Weight Loss Center – Brandon, SD



Jonathan Gerber – Queensbury, New York – Lost 94 pounds!!!
My name is Dr. Jonathan Gerber, I was 33 years old, 5′ 11” tall and I weighed 258 pounds.
…Within a month time, I, my parents and my Office Manager were all using Ideal Protein in sort of a ”trial run” to learn first hand what the system is like and whether it could truly live up to incredible claims made by it’s proprietors. As the pounds quickly and easily began to drop off of me, I felt energized and healthier, more incredibly vital than I could ever remember feeling in my entire life.

…I’m now a fit and healthy 164 pounds. Among the four of us, we’ve lost more than 300 pounds!
Dr.Jonathan Gerber Livewell ADK, Inc. – Queensbury, NY

JaNelle Gowlovech – Sioux Falls, South Dakota – I lost 73 lbs!
“The Ideal Weigh has forever changed my life! It has not been an easy journey, but it has been worth it! During my 6 months I did not cheat at all, & learned so much about myself – that I was a stress eater & there are so many more wonderful things in life than over indulging in food. It took me 12 years to put on 72 lbs & I think it is remarkable that 6 months later I can once again fit into my wedding dress! I would recommend this life changing program to anyone! Thank you Ideal Weigh for the new me!! ☺” JaNalle


Helene Thibert – Lancaster, Ontario – I lost 230 lbs in 18 months!
My name is Helen Thibert. I am 47 years old; I live in Lancaster, Ontario (Canada). I’ve battled with my weight since my teenage years. In December 2007, I had reached my highest weight of 388lbs at the age of 45. I started the proteins in January 2008 and 18 months later I had lost 230lbs! I went from wearing size 5X to size 14. This was a first for me.
My favorite pass time now is shopping at my favorite store «Tommy Hilfiger». I can actually walk into any store that I wish and I will find something that fits me.
Using the proteins was easy, delicious and I never felt hungry or like it was a chore to lose weight. It became part of my daily routine and the pounds started melting off my body and I was starting to feel the best I had felt in years!
I can now go on a plane or bus trip, actually feel comfortable in the seat and pay for one seat only, instead of two. I can enjoy going to amusement parks and rides with my nephews and enjoying it to the maximum. I am a changed woman and I have nothing but good things to say about the Ideal Protein product.
I would highly recommend this product to everyone. Thank you very much for saving my life!

Kelly Heath – Sioux Falls, South Dakota – I lost 33 lbs!
The Ideal Weigh Program has delivered outstanding results. To my surprise I found the Ideal Protein foods very palatable. The progress that is visible on a weekly basis provides great motivation to continue on and achieve my weight loss goal. The success I had on the program has improved my life quality, and I am committed to living a healthier lifestyle.



Brona Haggerty – Westerly, Rhode Island – I lost 101 lbs in 10 months
I have never felt better in my life! Since losing 101 lbs in 10 months, I have been able to do things I didn’t think I would ever do. Just a year ago, I could not even shovel a little path of snow. Now, I’m out there for an hour nonstop and don’t feel winded. I do not know why I didn’t do it sooner.
The Devine Touch, Inc – Westerly, RI